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What is Shoe Sole Clean Machine?

Author: Zach

Sole Clean Machine

The sole cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning machine that can wipe all kinds of uneven soles, which is a substitute for private slippers and disposable shoe covers. Experiments prove that it saves 99% of money compared with changing shoe covers. It also prevents secondary public pollution, which is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Scope of Application

It is suitable not only for families, but also for offices, laboratories, laboratories, computer rooms, TV stations, hotels, photo studios, etc. It is most suitable for industrial purpose with large crowds of people. Some kind of shoe sole machine also has the function of disinfecting shoe soles, and is suitable for special places such as hospitals, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, and breeding factories.


The overall structure is composed of a box body, an array of cleaning wheels, a box cover, and a handle. When in use, just step on the surface of the cleaning wheel and slide toward the cleaning wheel. The cleaning wheel washes the shoe sole with sufficient water in the water tank, and then the shoe sole slides back from the cleaning wheel to the cleaning wheel, because the water on the surface of the cleaning wheel has been squeezed out by the squeezing wheel, in this way, the cleaning wheel will dry out the moisture in the sole. The cleaning process is completed only by sliding the cleaning wheel and the cleaning wheel once, and the operation is very convenient.

What is Shoe Sole Clean Machine?
Shoe sole clean machine is mainly for industrial purpose of sole clean and disinfection...
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